What is Bushcraft?

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Bushcraft has been in existence since time immemorial.Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature and were masters in the art and tactics of of bushcraft.

Bushcraft reminds us the importance and wisdom to coexist with the forest,it is both an old but new outdoor activity curved from ancient lifestyle.

Bushcraft skills begin with knife-work and fire-making.For instance,let`s take a knife and flint and brew coffee in the forest.

Origin of Bushcraft

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When our ancestors ventured on a journey,they had limited tools such as a knife,axe,and flint.If they found a good place,they built a hut using the surrounding materials available and made fire using the flint.Water and food was procured from the fields.If there was something lacking,they made it from wood.Their various reasons and purposes for embarking on the journey was for land exploration and development,

forestry,hunting etc.

Their success was born out of pure necessity to survive,and with that came a natural belief of oneness with the wilderness.
Likewise,as in many other regions around the world,Japanese bush craft also existed.

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My thought of bushcraft is to take advantage of the things we are blessed with in nature and enjoy becoming one with them.Some people play music loudly in nature,wear earphones while walking the in the mountains,leave their traces,desire only for light gear,cannot cook meals without a stove,believe in indespensable moisture permeable waterproof gear,wear apparel made from chemical fiber and depend on modern comfortable tools.This makes people become progressively weaker.

Enjoying nature has over the years become very artificial.

As we become more and more dependent on modern tools in our daily lifestyles,we drift further away from nature.Due to this conveniency,we loose focus on natural skills,
wisdom and forget nature's benefits.Modern humans have failed to appreciate the wonders of nature without modern tools.We can only feel and enjoy true nature,if we learn the art of living in the forest through bushcraft.

Bush Craft Inc.
CEO Takuya Souma

Live in the forest.